About Leonards
Our Story

Leonard’s Photography is a multi-generational family enterprise that has been thriving in Florida for more than sixty-years. With 240 total employees, Leonard’s photographs over 500,000 students annually from 500+ schools throughout the state of Florida and has a prominent senior portrait division comprised of 30,000 high school seniors. Leonard’s understands the importance of integrity and successfully maintains traditional core values of handling service on a personal basis while communicating in the modern way. The company has stood the test of time and has proved that maintaining traditional values of service can lead to lasting success.

One of the many advantages of producing all our portraits and other photographic items in-house, is the ability to offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry. This not only meets the needs of the students and parents, who are excited about their pictures and want to share them with friends and family immediately, but it also helps schools with publisher deadlines and record keeping. Leonard’s photographs using green screen technology for our portraits. This allows us to be able to offer the customer and the schools endless options of backgrounds. This also allows us to customize sports groups, making them extremely dynamic and cutting edge.

Leonard’s is constantly striving to create new and innovative ways to capture and display memories every day. Our history, longevity, and our ability to create unique products and services makes us capable of providing first class services to school, parents and students.

Our Founder

Founder, Leonard R. Tucker, Sr., was a great visionary and extremely self-sufficient. The company started photographing school children in the late forties, with Mr. Tucker, Sr. operating all aspects of the business on his own. Today, Leonard’s main St. Augustine facility is home to more than eighty full time employees in a state of the art, 36,000 square foot photographic lab and commercial printing facility, with both digital and off-set printing presses. Leonard’s also has completely unique computer programs. The President, Leonard R. Tucker, Jr., and Vice President, Linda Black, write all of the software in-house due to the fact that what is currently available in the commercial market does not meet the company’s need. This customized software, as well as Leonard’s website, continues to be written and maintained internally.

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